1348 Mills Road, North Saanich, B.C. V8L 5T2

"The drama/musical theatre program at Stelly's saved my life.  I was so fortunate to find a place on a stage.  High school was a tough time for me and I am so grateful to have teachers in a program that supported me.  The stage provided me a place to be creative.  I am proud to be a Stinger and fully support this program."



Adam Olsen

 MLA for Saanich North & the Islands 

Stelly's Grad  

"Stelly's music and theatre programs were a huge part of my teenage years. I spent a better part of every day either in the band room or on stage. Being active in many musical theatre stage productions built a sense of family with my peers and also the confidence to be myself in front of others. I owe a lot of who I am today to that stage."

Jarrod Ball

Stelly's Grad Class 1996

"Stelly's has filled my life with more memories than I could have ever asked for.  Through the 4 years that I was attending, I was very involved in the Performing Arts.  Doing Musical Theatre 9-12 and Stagecraft 10-12, I learned not only to laugh on cue and dance in time, but to also be patient and to work under some of the most stressful circumstances that I've ever been through.  I couldn't have done everything I did in that department if it weren't for the most amazing teachers and people I've ever encountered in my entire life."

Julia McCarthy 

Stelly's Grad Class 2012

"The performing arts program at Stelly's was my passion throughout high school. In my four years I was able to hone my skills in instrumental ensembles, choirs and theatre productions. The community of actors, musicians, dancers and technicians was one of the most welcoming I’ve ever encountered and the friendships that I formed have continued to last."

Robert Drinnan 

Stelly's Grad Class 2014