1348 Mills Road, North Saanich, B.C. V8L 5T2

Our Vision

Vision Statement

The community arts theatre at Stelly's will be 'The Gathering Place', a state of the art facility for the Capital Regional District. It will accommodate all types of school and community events, from intimate gatherings to large theatrical productions. Quality will not be compromised.



Exposure to the arts is vital to a well rounded education and to a strong and vibrant society. Participation in performing arts tremendously enhances not only individual academic achievement, but also personal development and enjoyment of life.

A performing arts theatre at Stelly's will be a well used school and community asset. Audiences will enjoy many varied and memorable experiences that can only be provided in a facility that has the acoustical and technical merits of a professionally designed performance hall.

The Saanich School District (School District #63) values the performing arts programs at Stelly's Secondary School and all of its schools. Stelly's Secondary School needs a theatre to enhance the local arts programs and provide a venue for world-class performances. There is no single theatre in the Capital Regional District that incorporates all of the essential features identified by the SCATS Board of Directors. A tremendous opportunity exists to build a theatre that will fulfill the needs of everyone in the Capital Regional District. This theatre facility will be a multi-million dollar project. Funding will need to come from a combination of both private, corporate and public sources. With the funding goals met, matching government grants will be available to make up the balance of funding for the project.



Stelly's Secondary School was built in 1977. A common feature of schools built at that time was a multipurpose room. The multipurpose room at Stelly's serves as a classroom, assembly area, lunch room, rehearsal space and also as the principal performance venue for all of Stelly's performing arts events. This space does not adequately serve the needs of any of its user groups. It is located adjacent to a teaching kitchen that creates a great deal of noise and distraction during class, rehearsal and performance times. The sound and lighting equipment and bleacher style seating is inadequate. The drapes are threadbare and must be replaced. There are no dressing rooms or backstage space.​