1348 Mills Road, North Saanich, B.C. V8L 5T2

2018 AGM

At our AGM, members passed a special resolution adopting a new constitution and bylaws. This makes official our new, less cumbersome, name of Stelly's Community Arts Theatre Society. The new bylaws also incorporate some forward looking structural changes to the society.

A new board of directors was elected for the coming year. Jan Heinrichs, who has served as vice president since the incorporation of the society, did not seek re-election as vice president but chose to remain on the board as a director. While Jan's responsibilities have diminished somewhat she remains a strong and knowledgeable voice on the board. Norbert Ziegler, who has served as a director for the past two years, also did not seek re-election. Norbert remains an enthusiastic volunteer to the society and will now have more time to focus on his very busy position as Music Director at Stelly's.

The 2018 - 2019 Board of Directors

President - Ron Broda
Vice President - Vacant
Secretary - Linda Broda
Treasurer - Winona White
Director - Jan Heinrichs

This promises to be another exciting and very busy year for the board. Stay tuned for developments.